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Who Are We

CHSA Diabetes Service Staff

Members of the team are located at Level 2/22 King William Street SA 5000. We can be contacted by phone on (08) 8226 7168 or fax (08) 8226 7462, or via the email links below.


Director, Endocrinology Services


Dr David Jesudason 

Dr David Jesudason Director, Endocrinology Services

Email: Health.CHSA-diabetes@health.sa.gov.au

The Director provides:

  • leadership in endocrinology services across CHSA
  • leadership in analysis, implementation and review of best practice clinical processes, as well as implementation of evidence based medicine and systems on a country wide basis
  • consultancy re high standard, cost effective clinical services to patients
  • advice on human resource management for endocrinology staff and contractors
  • advice re endocrinology services, contribution to teaching/training and research.


Manager, Advanced Clinical Practice Consultant

MN, BEd, Grad Cert (Diab Ed), RN-CDE

Jane Giles 

Jane Giles - Manager, Advanced Clinical Practice Consultant

Email: Jane.Giles@sa.gov.au

The Advanced Clinical Practice Consultant provides:

  • management of the Diabetes Unit
  • leadership in diabetes education and nursing care services across CHSA
  • leadership in specialist education and support services
  • diabetes models of care
  • specialist resource development.


Nurse Practitioner

MN (NP), BNg (Post Reg), Grad Cert (Diab Ed), RN-CDE

Collette Hooper 

Collette Hooper - Nurse Practitioner

Email: Collette.Hooper@sa.gov.au

The Nurse Practitioner provides:

  • specialist patient/nursing education and support services
  • specialist resource development
  • special projects.


Administration Support Officer

Barbara Cummins 

Barbara Cummins - Administration Support Officer

Email: Barbara.Cummins@sa.gov.au

The Administration Support Officer provides:

  • administrative support
  • project and program development support
  • data management
  • coordination of travel and professional functions.