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The Diabetes Service

The regional Diabetes Service provides a variety of ambulatory and inpatient services for the person with diabetes. Management and education services are provided within a 'shared care' arrangement with the referring medical practitioner. Services are prioritised based on the Diabetes Specialist Nurse Service Clinical Prioritisation Tool.

Services in country are staff by diabetes specialist nurses and allied health professionals, working in local teams. Many of the nurses are credentialed diabetes educators and have significant experience in most areas of diabetes management and education. The central team also provides clinical backup and consultation by distance to support areas with low access.

The service provided over 27,000 patient services in 2014-2015. Due to the geographical spread, services can be offered on site, via outreach or via videoconference or telephone link.

Services include:

Programs are designed to;

Some specialised services are offered in a shared care arrangement with specialist metropolitan services such as management of insulin pump therapy.